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The vast majority of issues clients report to the XTM International Support team via tickets turn out to be bugs which need repairing by the XTM International development department.

By the Support team, a BUG is defined as an undesirable behavior that occurs after particular conditions are met; in other words, it can be seamlessly reproduced by performing a set of actions in a strict sequence.


  1. Internet browser you are using for your work in XTM Cloud (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.) and its exact version → click here see How to find the version of an Internet browser for help,

  2. URL you are using to log in to the XTM Cloud platform,

  3. Company name you are using to log in to the XTM Cloud platform,

  4. If the problem concerns a specific project, the project name or its ID, including some additional data, such as: filename(s), target language(s), particular segment(s) in XTM Workbench → click here see How to find basic contact details (URL, company name, project name) for help,

  5. Detailed description of the issue: location of the problem, clarification of the expected behavior, etc.,

  6. Step-by-step scenario for reproducing the behavior, if it can be reproduced,

  7. Confirmation that you have performed the basic troubleshooting routine before creating a support ticket: emptying the browser cache, trying another browser, running the browser without any plugins and/or extensions, trying “Incognito mode" (click here see How to diagnose performance issues for help),

  8. Any additional information on the problem that might be useful from the XTM International Support team standpoint (screenshots, video recordings, etc.). We highly recommend using the ScreenToGif tool for recording the screen and saving it as a GIF file or video. The portable version is free to use: ScreenToGif.