Marketo: How to resolve this issue: "Error connecting to backend. Contact the administrator." message?


This article provides a solution for an issue that might be encountered when using the Marketo connector: Error connecting to backend. Please contact the administrator. The problem occurs when the system attempts to draw assets for XTM Cloud translation through the plugin, at which point nothing is actually displayed.

Root cause of the issue

At some point in the past, Adobe released the New experience feature. This changes the user interface in Marketo. Unfortunately, it also affects the URLs in the systems that are used by our connector. As a result, Marketo assigns the latter with an unexpected URL structure which then affects the entire performance.

Consequently, we strongly recommend disabling the New experience function in Marketo when the XTM Connect plugin is in use, as it is not supported. You can disable this feature in the bottom-right corner of your Marketo application, in the Marketing Activities view, once you have clicked on a particular asset.

The feature is activated per asset type, so it needs to be switched on/off individually for emails, landing pages, etc.

Is there any workaround?

If you do not want to use the new UI layout provided by the New experience feature, but still send your content for translation in XTM Cloud, there is a way. In Marketo, you must ensure that you do not specifically select the asset you want to translate but select a program or a campaign that is the parent element for your target content. In this way, you will list all the assets in that element that are eligible for translation in XTM Cloud that are comprised within that element.