Why am I unable to Start my Project in the XTM Cloud UI?


Sometimes, after you create a project in XTM Cloud UI, you might realize that you cannot start it. The Start button is inactive, so there is no effect when you click on it.


This article lists three possible reasons for why it might be impossible to start a project in the XTM Cloud UI.


No Linguist assigned to the first step in the project’s workflow

As the title here suggests, you must always ensure that a Linguist has been assignedto the first workflow step in the project’s workflow, for the Start button to become active. To do so, select Project EditorWorkflow.


Project cannot be started on the LSP side when the LSP has been assigned to the first step in the project’s workflow

If a yellow border is displayed in the project’s workflow on the LSP (contractor) side, when the LSP has been assigned to the first workflow step, this indicates that the project has simply not been started on the contractor’s side.

The solution to this issue is to contact the LSP and ask them to start the project by selecting the Start button on their side. Otherwise, the project will only be accessible in Read-only mode.

Project requires cost approval

It might be impossible to start the project because its costs have not been approved. If so, you will see the following message above your workflow:

This issue arises if a particular cost-related option has been activated in the XTM Cloud UI by an XTM Administrator. The option is ConfigurationDataEstimatesCost settingsCost settings tab screenProjects require cost approval).

If this feature is selected, this will ensure that translation work does not exceed the set budget or is outsourced at unfavorable rates. When this option is enabled at global level:

  • Requester and Cost approver users can be created.

  • the additional Cost approvers and Cost managers options are displayed at customer level (select Customers → (select a customer) → EditBasic information).

  • the Project requires cost approval option is enabled for all customers in your XTM Cloud instance, by default. Then, if projects created for the relevant customer exceed the predefined cost approval threshold, they can only be started when their costs have been accepted by the Cost approver or Requester.

The Projects require cost approval option can be disabled for a particular customer by selecting Customers → (select a customer) → SettingsProjects options. Then, additional Cost approvers and Cost managers options are still displayed, but inactive.

To approve costs for a particular project, as a user with the Cost manager role, select Project EditorEstimatesCosts, and click on Request cost approval.

Then, as a user with the Cost approver role, select Project EditorCosts, check that the costs are correct and then click on Approve all costs.

It should now be possible to start the project.