How to create a project template


When you create a project, you can save it as a template. Project templates store information about the workflow and project details. To create a project, you need to have a customer. For details, we recommend that you read the following article: How to create a customer.


  1. Go to Projects → Project listAdd project.

  1. Select a Customer, and then enter a Project name. Note red asterisks on the left-hand side which indicate obligatory fields.

  1. Select a Source language and one or more Target languages.

  1. Select a Workflow, and then click the Save as template button.

  1. Enter a Name for the template and choose the Type: specify whether you only want the template to be used with this customer or with all customers. You can also add a Description in the text field. Click the Save button and Close the window.

  1. Your newly-created project template will be added to the Templates list.

  1. You can now use this project template next time you create a project.